Kevin Vasser

With his dynamic, powerful voice, it is through God’s grace that gospel sensation Kevin Vasser is on a path to immeasurable greatness. Vasser’s robust, energetic, incomparable sound, combined with his willingness to share his testimony to help others, makes him one of the most uplifting and talented artists the gospel industry has experienced in a while. As the son of a preacher and with influences such as Sam Cooke, Joe Ligon, and Marvin Winans, singing has always been part of the equation for Vasser. He joined the church choir at age five and then formed the group Youth Edition with his older brother and two cousins while only in middle school. With his father as their manager, the group sang around Chicago for years, entering competitions and talent shows. Later, they released two projects, the second under their new name Kinzmen. While connected to the group, Kinzmen, Vasser continues to answer the call. After releasing two solo projects, he returns with his 3rd project, “I Believe.” This project is not just new music but introduces a new group and movement – Kevin Vasser and BLVRS (Believers). This lively group of singers is centered and focused on helping others in their area of believing and giving others the push needed to keep believing. While preparing for this latest project, God instructed Vasser to ask those attending to do one thing: BELIEVE. Vasser’s belief and obedience to God opened the door to receiving a kidney transplant. Thirteen years ago, Vasser was diagnosed with kidney failure and underwent kidney dialysis three times a week. Finally, the day before his live recording, he received a call that a match had been found. The next night, he completed the recording and received a miracle! Vasser’s relationship with God strengthens each day, even in the face of adversity. He has loving support, encouragement, and praise from his wife, Erica, and their two children, Khyra and Kevin Jr. He includes his family in every facet of his ministry. The extra time spent with them helps him to grow more spiritually. With everything God has blessed Vasser to do musically, he still stands firm in his original call to preach, teach and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Preaching his first sermon at 12, Vasser is an ordained elder today. When he is not preaching, recording, or performing, Vasser leads the Worship & Arts Ministry at the legendary Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, shepherded by Pastor Reginald Wayne Sharpe Jr. and served under Pastor Emeritus Charles Jenkins. For the past 21 years, this church has become such an essential staple in his life. In addition, Vasser has been featured in multiple musical recordings with Fellowship Chicago Choir and has received numerous Stellar Awards. Because he is a hard-working, professional, undeniably gifted artist, and a faithful believer in God’s glory, whatever it is Vasser chooses to do, he will do so with grace, dignity, and passion. “I am a person of strong faith. It is important to stay true to who you are and hear the voice and follow the direction of God. I want to be what God wants me to be,” he says. “I don’t want to please man. I want to make sure I please God. And as long as I am connected to Him and in a place where I can hear Him speaking and follow His leadership, I think I’ll be in good standing.”